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GROW Restored nurtures restoration in people who have experienced brokenness by providing counseling that is both geographically and financially accessible.







As we look to the future, we are excited to partner with great organizations around the world in an effort to provide specific and unique services to meet counseling related needs they may not be equipped to meet on their own. These efforts will seek to further the mission and vision of these organizations, who are doing good work in their communities.

Currently, we are in the process of identifying and vetting these organizations in an effort to form partnership opportunities.

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We desire to provide financial assistance for
those individuals seeking counseling, as well as helping to
equip therapists through geographically accessible training.


Our financial assistance program provides supplemental funds that combine with the client’s contribution to allow options for excellent counseling care.

A specific group of people, vulnerable financially, often do not qualify for financial assistance or free clinics. They don’t have insurance options that cover counseling. Quite often, single moms, military personnel, young professionals, non-profit sector employees, ministry staff and people recovering from previous illness run into such a dilemma. They are able to pay some portion of the counseling fee but not the entire cost.

Hardworking and honest, willing to sacrifice their own needs, these people often forgo necessary counseling support in an effort to make financial ends meet.

We will provide accessible training and support for therapists and global organizations.

GROW Restored will assist in equipping therapists who meet the needs of clients living in rural areas of the United States and other parts of the world. In such settings, therapists often have limited resources, making it difficult to stay up-to-date on current treatment practices. Though many incredible worldwide organizations exist in areas needing social justice intervention—refugee camps, areas of disaster relief, and poverty-stricken communities—their focus is not on a crucial element of care. They are unequipped to help people process trauma, build emotional resilience and increase insulating coping factors. This is where therapists can play a key part in health and restoration.

Join us on our journey, as we seek to help people experience
hope, healing and restoration.

We are looking for generous supporters who can help us immediately begin reaching our two goals of providing financial assistance for those in need and training & support for those seeking to help.

By creating a recurring, monthly donation this year, you will enable us to give financial assistance scholarships for clients as they begin the healing and restoration process in their lives. Additionally, your partnership will support the training and equipping needs of therapists in rural areas of the United States and also help us to cultivate relationships with global organizations as we seek new partnership opportunities.

Through generous giving, we believe that hope will rise, healing will take root and restoration will prevail.

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